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We use only premium detergents and protectants for a legendary shine.


You’ll be in and out of the wash in about 15 minutes even with all the extra services in our “The Best” package.


Our state-of-the-art equipment pampers your car with ultra soft cloth, all of our employees are trained and certified using the industry’s best practices to ensure a safe wash.


Our washes come with an up to a 10 Day Clean Car Guarantee, if your car gets dirty within the time, bring it in and we’ll wash it for free.


Our computer-controlled equipment uses up to 7 times* less water than washing at home and drains into the sewer system for treatment, not our lakes and streams.

*Peacock Car Wash uses approximately 20 gallons of water per wash versus an average of 80–140 gallons consumed using a hose and bucket

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Mon thru Sat: 7am-9pm
Sun: 7am-8pm

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We offer Full-Service Interior and Exterior Only Car Washes
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